Wandering In Thailand 2007

Stephen Cysewski


Thailand 2007

Our visit photographed in chronological sequence.

Bangkok from a Taxi

In Thailand I spend a lot of time in taxis or riding in a car, these photographs are taken through the window of cars, taxis, buses, and trains.

Thailand Morning Markets

I love the markets in Thailand, especially the early morning markets.

Thailand Daytime Markets

The Amulet market and Chatuchak are not classic morning markets.


Photographs from our home

Thailand Trees

The trees and plants in Thailand are beautiful. They have a complexity that is very different from Alaska.

Temples of Ayuthaya

I love visiting Ayuthaya, to see Ayuthaya it is better to take a few days and to explore, there is too much to experience for a day trip

Thailand 2006 Photographs

Thailand 2004 Photographs

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